Cosmetics fragrances

Essences of high quality and intensity prepared to proceed directly to the mixture with any type of cosmetic product, from shampoos, bath gel or hand soaps to creams, lotions and body oils. Its high aromatic concentration makes the amount of essence necessary for any product in the range is a minimum percentage of between 1% and 3%.

We have over 200,000 different olfactory references in multiple qualities to adapt to your projects in your various applications. From natural, floral, herbaceous and fruity natural fragrances to complex mixtures of high perfumery and extraordinary “tailor-made” olfactory notes, offering a project and study for each specific case.

They are supplied in plastic bulks of 10 kg – 25 kg – 50 kg; Metal bulks of 100 kg – 200 kg or containers from 1,000 kg.

From € 12 / kg according to quality, reference, final use and volume.

Contact us, provide in detail the final use for the essence and the aromas in which you are interested and we will provide you with a specific study and quote for your case together with a sample if necessary, contact the e-mail:

laboratori @ esencialfragancias .com