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Esencial Fragancias creates its own essences and fragrances for industrial use and for multiple applications, with a record of more than 250,000 different references and the ability to change by slight nuances and variations in each adapted to your personal taste or geographic preference. Thus, from a previous standard sample sent, we adapt fragrance perception by giving smooth variations (sweeter, more acidic, more natural, more fragrant …) in the olfactory note to finalize the final product wanted.

We produce our essences for use in multiple consumables, with an optimal composition for effective result in each of them, from essences for use in candles (paraffin, soya, or natural wax) with excellent durability aromatic superior results at 24 months, to fresheners essences (car, home, mikado, etc ..) and ready to direct and adapted to the desired durability handling; soluble essences (for saunas, swimming pools, whirlpools …); essences for cosmetics (shower gel, shampoo, creams, softeners, …) and finally based scents for perfumes (colognes and perfumes), with own creations and formulations of all major known brands.

The prices of such formulations constantly fluctuate based on the changing costs of raw materials and the extraction of natural oils as geographical and meteorological season, can send your request to: