Candles fragrances


INTRODUCTION: high quality essences prepared to proceed directly to its mixture with any type of raw material, from paraffins, soy waxes, beeswax, stearins, etc…

Developed for regular evaporation use with the candle on or off, with a permanent “air freshener-perfumer” effect. The excellent quality of the essences gives a duration of several years, reaching in some cases a durability of more than 10 years in unused candles in case of paraffins when acting as a preservative.

The excellent intensity and quality of our fragrances guarantee a mixture with the final product only between 3% and 6% for an optimal result.

Our fragrances are specifically formulated for use in candles, the dissolution and mixing is homogeneous and and regular throughout the content at low temperature, it is advisable to apply the essence prior to the drying process, at temperatures between 45º to 60º (the application of the essence at temperatures above 65º will produce an adverse effect, evaporating part of the fragrance and therefore decreasing the intensity of the olfactory note in the candle).

We have more than 300,000 different olfactory references in multiple qualities to adapt to your projects in diverse sectors. From common natural fragrances, floral, herbaceous, fruity, etc. even complex blends of high perfumery and extraordinary “bespoke” olfactory notes such as: freshly cut grass, burnt wood, worn tyre, leather,… and an unlimited field of development in the fragrance sector offering a project and study for each specific case.

AVAILABLE PACKAGING: supplied in plastic bulks of 5 kg – 10 kg – 25 kg – 50 kg ; Metal bulks of 100 kg – 200 kg or containers from 1,000 kg.  Minimum production quantity 5 Kgs according to reference; quantities less than 5 Kgs according to availability in temporary stock (request via e-mail). From 20 kgs order send your request to to recieve offer.

RATES: from 14€ / kg according to quality, reference, end use and volume. Prices indicated in webshop for 5 kgs order in our optimous standard quality, if the specific aroma you need is not among the related ones, or require depending on your project of a lower/higher fragrance quality, contact us through the e-mail indicated below and by personal technical study we will attend your request.

REQUIREMENTS: contact us, provide in detail the use/application to which you would target the essence, and aromas in which you are interested,  we will provide you with a specific study and a sample if necessary, and special quotation for your particular case, contact the e-mail:


EXCLUSIVE FOR SMALL MANUFACTURERS AND ARTISANS: you can send your request and complete data (Name or Company, VAT-Id card, address and telephone) to: and you will be provided with an extensive PDF list of premium essences for candles regularly available for sale from only 500 grams