High quality base essences ready to be blended for creating d ‘eau de cologne or perfumes.
We have more than 1,000 different references for men, women and children, to adapt to your projects with various objectives, with a fragrance file of high perfumery of the major international brands based on creations since 1979, including discontinued references . The high quality of our perfumery bases, with mixing intervals according to the final product to which they are destined between 4% and 8%, give an optimal final result in the cases of replicas at a low cost of production. We also have a perfumery design department for exclusive creations. We recommend leaving the final product manipulated for at least 21 days in maceration to obtain an optimal olfactory note.
They are supplied in plastic bulks of 10 kg – 25 kg – 50 kg; Metal bulks of 100 kg – 200 kg or containers from 1,000 kg.
From € 30 / kg according to quality, reference, final use and volume.
Contact us, provide in detail the use of each base of essence and the fragrances in which you are interested and we will provide you with a specific study and quote for your case together with a sample if necessary, contact the e-mail: