Esencial Fragancias developes a wide range of products of high gamma at very affordable prices, in a complete collection in extraordinary combinations of natural fragrances, compounds for hygiene and welfare, 100% natural ingredients that come to seduce your sixth sense.

With a strong connection to unify nature and pleasure this new collection has been developed to cover much of the various olfactory groups based on products bases of fresh essences, though more spicy to woody notes, even the sweet and floral ones.

The new Esencial Fragancias line of 100% natural cosmetics, after an intensive study will ensure product trilogy healthy-effective-pleasant.

The basis of all products have been developed with extreme care and only using the finest essential oils and raw materials taken directly from it’s source.

All our products comply with all international legislation concerning safety and health and do not contain paraffins, parabens, BHT, EDTA or formaldehydes.